Upper Body Performance Conditioning Training Program

This program has been created to challenge you but
leave you feeling energized and detoxed. The key is
for you to comfortably push yourself on the exercises
without feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus.

The exercises are split into tri-sets for maximum
results by utilizing your upper body muscles to
burn fat and tone your body simultaneously.

This program can be adapted for use at home or the
gym. The exercises can be performed with minimal
equipment and adjusted according to intensity and
strength levels.

Program Includes:

PDF document via email or other online service which you can print out for a physical copy or use on your device.

  • Instruction and notes
  • Training schedule
  • Exercise glossary
  • Progression tracker

This program is set at a moderate intensity for you to benefit both physically and mentally. The objective is to progressively tone your upper body over the next 6 weeks while feeling healthier, and improving your overall wellness.

Over six weeks, you have 12 sessions to add weight and intensity according to your fitness levels or desired capacity.

Each session is up to 1 hour long including warm-up and stretching. The sessions as split into sections, so if you have less time, you can do more a less to fit your schedule. However, it's best to complete the sessions in full to achieve the best results.

Please note: this program is best performed with basic equipment such as light weight dumbbells or resistance bands.

Program Format: PDF Document
Program Duration: Progression
Program Length: 6 weeks
Program Days Per Week: 2 sessions per week
Program Level: Beginner
Program Target: Muscle Group(s)
Muscle Group(s) Included: Upper body muscles including Chest, Shoulders, Back, Arms, Abs, and Core
Training Area:

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