Upper Body Training Plan

A simple workout. In this single training session, you will be provided with an opportunity to follow the program as is, or crank it up and alter it to your fitness level or desired difficulty.

aiming to tone the upper body
The weights to be chosen are between 40-75%
The reps are to be adjusted according to fitness level or chosen difficulty
Perform between 1-4 sets
Difficulty: low - advanced
Circuit amount: 6 circuits
Muscles worked: Back, Shoulders, Chest, Biceps, triceps
Additional equipment to adjust difficulty: assistance machines*, resistance bands"

Program Format: Digital Document
Program Duration: One Off
Program Length: 1 session (can be repeated)
Program Days Per Week: Ask for advice
Program Level: All-Levels
Program Target: Muscle Group(s)
Muscle Group(s) Included: Biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders, core
Training Area:

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