This programme includes 2 months of training with a workout for every day of the week.

Each week consists of 4 lower & 3 upper body days. Each day alternates between muscle groups & the exercises change to challenge the entire body effectively.

Month 1 challenges your core strength & stability while efficiently targeting every other muscle group & improving flexibility. Month 2 tests the foundation built in month 1 & is suitable for well developed intermediates & advanced trainees.

All of the workouts are equipment free & can be performed anywhere.

The lower body days consist of 5 movements & the upper body days consist of 6 movements. All movements are demonstrated in real time video format with written text stating its name & rep target.

Upon purchase, you will gain access to the workout folders which contain videos of the movements in order. You will also receive a written version of the programme.

There is background music in each video.

Program Format: Video
Program Duration: Progression
Program Length: 2 months
Program Days Per Week: 1 workout per day for 2 months
Program Level: Intermediate
Program Target: Full Body
Muscle Group(s) Included: Legs, Back, Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Abs, Core
Training Area:

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