Mica Nicols

I fell in love with the fitness lifestyle 2 years ago after struggling and being unhappy with my own body image throughout my whole life.
Coming to the gym, building up my own physical strength and fitness levels played a huge part in bettering my mental health and attitude towards life. I became a lot happier, way more mentally stimulated in my daily life and hugely more body confident.

Initially, training as a personal trainer was a choice i had made so that i'd have the knowledge for myself on different training methods as well as diet and nutrition.
However after qualifying, I was in a position where I was able to pass my knowledge onto others and assist people through their own fitness journeys or lifestyle changes. It soon became apparent to me that there is nothing more fulfilling that i'd like to do.

Through always being a participant in different sporting events whilst growing up, it has aided me sufficiently in being able to work out what types of training will work best for different individuals. I take great care when it comes to having the correct form and posture when training my clients. After competitively competing horses for over 15 years, i have a good understanding on postural alignment and ensuring my clients avoid injury whilst both training with me or when without me.

As a whole, I want to get the best out of my clients, make them feel good and have them leaving the gym, really feeling like they have achieved something after every single session.

Dietitian (Nutrition)
Qualification Details: Level 3 diploma in fitness instructing
Qualifications Institution: Level 3 diploma in personal training
Philosophy/Motto:: Limitations are set by the mind, not the body.
Instagram: Micameash
Favourite Exercise: Squats

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